the story

Zackarina is angry. Her parents don't have much time for her and don't always find the right words to answer her questions straight away. Upset, she spends her anger on the beach next to the house.

One day, she meets a strange animal with golden fur that feeds on sunlight: the Sandwolf.


He was the perfect friend: he discussed the great and small mysteries of life with imagination and patience. Together, they think of how angry we get when we don't feel listened to, how sad we are when an animal dies, how happy we are to have pockets in our trousers, bruises on our knees and fear of the dark. And, day after day, meeting after meeting, Zackarina grows!


TITLE: The Sand Wolf


TARGET AUDIENCE:  6-8 y.o. / Family

GENRE:  existentialist series

FORMAT: 50 x 7'

AUTHOR: Åsa Lind


SCRIPTS and BIBLE: Delphine MauryAnne-Claire Lehembre

DIRECTOR: Florian Thouret 

STATUS: in developpement


the book