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I remember my childhood (video

Marie de Lapparent


During a party, a man lets himself flip into a childhood memory. He's going to experience a real storm in a glass of water !



Hugo de Faucompret (video


A man and his beef stride the roads following the seasons, witnesses of their whims and surprises. 




Signal rocket (video

Caroline Cherrier 


A wounded soldier is transported in the back of an ambulance. In the light of a flare shell, his trip transforms into a troubling experience.




The Mirabeau bridge (video

Marjorie Caup 


An abstract dive into this poem's water, commingling lost loves with the moving flow of souvenirs. 


The corner (video

Charlie Belin


They're waiting in the street for someone to give them work, bread, a glance. But they're not waiting for anyone in their quest of happiness. 






Mutation (video

Loïc Espuche 


A man goes to war. From turmoils to metamorphosis, the conflict changes him into big screams... Eh ! Oh ! Ah !  




Mountebank (video

Momo Fang et Wen Fan 


A troop of musicians arrives at the village. Joyfully and musically, it upsets the established order. What a party !   




A bird sings (video)

Mathieu Gouriou  


A bird's song accompanies and warms up a solider's life deep into the trench warfare. 




The Bestiary or Orpheus' procession (video)

Florent Grattery 


During his journey, a poet shares with us the meanders of creation through a powerful portrait of five animals.  


The meal (video

Emilie Phuong 


Two brothers gather for a rather special meal. They delve into the memory of a bright afternoon during their childhood.  




City and heart (video

Anne-Sophie Raimond


When the poet's heart beats accordingly to the city's rhythm, spins with the weathercocks, life comes out as a firework.  



To all madwomen and madmen (video

Augustin Guichot 


A man on the edge of his final breath is called upon by music and comes back to life for a final ode to party. 




Postcard (video

Fabienne Wagenaar 


A woman waits for some news from her husband gone to war. She imagines his life until a postcard arrives...