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the 13 films

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I remember my childhood // Marie de Lapparent

During a party, a man lets himself flip into a childhood memory. He's going to experience a real storm in a glass of water !

Autumn // Hugo de Faucompret

A man and his beef stride the roads following the seasons, witnesses of their whims and surprises.

Signal rocket // Caroline Cherrier 

A wounded soldier is transported in the back of an ambulance. In the light of a flare shell, his trip transforms into a troubling experience.

The Mirabeau bridge // Marjorie Caup

An abstract dive into this poem's water, commingling lost loves with the moving flow of souvenirs. 

The corner // Charlie Belin

They're waiting in the street for someone to give them work, bread, a glance. But they're not waiting for anyone in their quest of happiness.


Mutation // Loïc Espuche 

A man goes to war. From turmoils to metamorphosis, the conflict changes him into big screams... Eh ! Oh ! Ah !  


Mountebank // Momo Fang et Wen Fan 

A troop of musicians arrives at the village. Joyfully and musically, it upsets the established order. What a party !   


A bird sings // Mathieu Gouriou  

A bird's song accompanies and warms up a solider's life deep into the trench warfare. 


The Bestiary or Orpheus' procession // Florent Grattery 

During his journey, a poet shares with us the meanders of creation through a powerful portrait of five animals.  

The meal // Emilie Phuong 

Two brothers gather for a rather special meal. They delve into the memory of a bright afternoon during their childhood.  


City and heart // Anne-Sophie Raimond

When the poet's heart beats accordingly to the city's rhythm, spins with the weathercocks, life comes out as a firework.  

To all madwomen and madmen // Augustin Guichot 

A man on the edge of his final breath is called upon by music and comes back to life for a final ode to party. 


Postcard // Fabienne Wagenaar

A woman waits for some news from her husband gone to war. She imagines his life until a postcard arrives...