A quite unsual apprenticeship... from day-to-day life to friendship!


Illustration by Charlie Belin adapted from Quentin Blake's work


A lonely Bear would like to instruct himself so he could be smart and connect with others. On the other hand, the Hermit is bored in his cave: he opened up a school but no one signed up. 

Fortunately, the two of them meet! 

Passionate about teaching, the Hermit provides the Bear with all his knowledge and patience. But his student is giving him a hard time. Quickly, the Hermit realizes he must drop some of his ambitions and adapt. From the river’s mysteries to the forest’s recipes, the two of them will soon enough leave the academical ways to explore a far more hasardous path, the one of a joyful friendship. 

Feature film 80'

Title : The Hermit and the Bear

Target audience :  6-8 y.o. / Family

Authors : John Yeoman & Quentin Blake (publisher : Young Lions)


Script: Delphine Maury, Marine Blin et Anne-Claire Lehembre

Graphic design: Charlie Belin, Titouan Bordeau, Sébastien Cosset, Lucrèce Andreae

Director: Marine Blin