freedom collection

the 13 films

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The released journey (Andrée Chédid) // Martin Bonnin

From his living room, a little boy goes on an incredible journey, guided by a seagull. When there’s no wall left, imagination soars.


The owl and the swallow (Claude Roy) // Gaspar Chabaud

A swallow is packing up to avoid a storm. In doing so, she disturbs an owl who feels very important. Will she lead him to a little more levity ?

Wonderment (Renée Vivien) // Martin Clerget

A bear is awakened in the middle of hibernation by a thieving rabbit. From this sparkling and unique night, a friendship and a ritual of wonder will be born.


The Stranger (Charles Baudelaire) // Hugo Glavier

What does this stranger want, blocking the road ? In order to find out, no need to shout, just ask him !


For freedom (Philippe Soupault) // Ada Hernaez

A little girl lets her tears rise and almost drowns in her sorrow. Little by little, she accepts to bathe in it, to tame it and gives herself the freedom to live her emotions.

Luggage (Blaise Cendrars) // Shih-Yen Huang

What does a poet put in his luggage? Books, ideas, blank pages... and all the trips ready to be written.

The butterfly (Francis Ponge) // Lola Khattou

A new-born butterfly experiences the freedom of flight for the first time. From one mishap to another, he discovers self-confidence.


Air (Robert Desnos) // Juliette Laboria

 A boy finds another way to join his friends in the water below, and experiences a few moments of total freedom.

The wolf and the dog (Jean de La Fontaine) // Héloïse Le Bail

The meeting of a dog, full but servile, with a wolf, free-as-air but hungry, raises the eternal issue of the very definition of freedom.

Soleils dérisoires (Anne Herbert) // Marie-Sarah Ouwe Missi Oukem

Coming from the sky, a statue glorifying liberty marks the beginning of oppression for the sunflower people. They will revolt and sow the seeds of freedom.

Those who fly away (Marianne van Hirtum) // Emeline Perrin

Two children decide to flee the family house which has become dangerous for them. Outside, they discover that another world exists.

Steps that are not lost on everyone (Claude Roy) // Lise Remon

Where are those yellow shoes going? A young pair of shoes decide to follow them and discover the crossroads, the range of possibilities and the power of freedom.

Freedom (Maurice Carême) // David Stora

Freedom is sometimes as simple as leaving on a trip, a little sun on the bed sheets, the memories of a storm, the river singing on the stone, the crackling of tomatoes in a pan. It is to leave.