the 13 films

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Conjugations and Interrogations I // Rosalie Benevello 

« I will go, I won’t go… I will come back, will I come back ? » During a train ride, four young women reflect on themselves and gradually get acquainted.

Prefixes // Alix Boiron-Albrespy

A little girl has the fidgets in class. To reinvent what it means to grow up, she escapes in a daydream filled with tunes of cicadas.

A Journey with Mr. Mr. // Céline Brengou 

As the landscapes unfold behind the train’s window, thoughts roam freely and the mind wanders : Mister and Mister discourse.

Children's Choir // Matthieu Gérard-Tulane 

Two children get to know each other while drawing. Nevermind seditious discourses : despite differences, drawings forge ties. 

Night Song // Jeanne Girard

Have you heard about the elderly’s notorious night escapade ? Oh ! How delicious life is for those who dare !

Housing // Judith Herbeth 

In a sealed environment, mother and daughter cohabit… but they also have to tame each other outside this fluffy nest.

Report // Nan Huang

When he finally opens up and dares to share his inner world, a small creature is harshly judged by his pairs…

Nature // Isis Leterrier

The forest’s inhabitants welcome a bird in sorrow and everyting comes to life in a delicate miniature opera.

Petrified Days // Eva Lusbaronian 

Just out of bed, a man dives into a chimerical round dance. His choreographed illusions  lead him to reflect upon his link to childhood.

Two Passive Verbs // Mathilde Roy

From games of looks to ball games, at home or at school, two children peer at and get to know each other. Eventually, they just had to keep quiet and listen. 

The Wallpaper Flowers // Marine Varguy 

A door squeaking, a creaking parquet strip, a floral wallpaper… all forging details of a childhood. All grown up, brother and sister recall some memories. 

19, Rue de Nevers // Iulia Voitova

Crumpled, uncrumpled, wrinkled, rumpled, shred ! Welcome to the 19th Street of Nevers, a paper city.  

What Comes and Goes // Lingxi Zhang & Jihua Zhu

When nature’s blow helps a young boy to accept what comes and goes. A colorful and symbolic moment, subtle and enigmatic.