In english, Tant Mieux means "Good for you" or "Lucky you" or "All the better"

Tant Mieux Prod is an audiovisual production company created in 2012 by Delphine Maury to produce the collection of animated shorts " Fresh out of School" (En sortant de l'école), which gives to 13 young directors, just graduating from various French animation schools, the chance to create and animate shorts. They choose their own personal graphic style to adapt poems by French authors. Behind this semmingly simple idea, various desires: to bring out new talents, to illuminate the words of poetry on television, and diversify the graphic designs offered to young viewers...

The first collection was produced in 2013, in co-production with Bayard jeunesse Animation and France T.l.visions for a broadcasting in March 2014 as part of the “Printemps des poètes” national event. That year, it won the Cristal for Best Television Show production in Annecy and the “Lauriers Radio and Television” award for best TV programme for kids.

This ambitious and patrimonial project has found its place on television so well that eight additional seasons have been commissioned (Robert Desnos, Guillaume Apollinaire, Paul Eluard, Claude Roy, Jean Tardieu, Paul Verlaine and Andrée Chedid, Liberté), giving substance in 9 years to the talent of almost than 130 young directors.

Tant Mieux Prod was also lucky enough to be chosen for the Best French Television Producer Award in the French Television Producer Animation section by the Procirep in 2017!