1990, Brittany. In a small coastal village, the beaches are mysteriously invaded by strange crustaceans called trilous. Firmin Pebbles, aged 11, is the only one to have seen the huge creature that has brought them from the deep. Although terrified by this sea monster, he names it Dana and tells no one about it. When Firmin's family decide to go out to sea to fish massively for trilous (which have proved delicious in cooking), they entrust him to their great-aunt, Ricette, who lives in the village lighthouse. Despite his terror, Firmin develops a deep bond with Dana and even begins to communicate with her. This friendship will be crucial when their secret is discovered by the adult world... 


The last of the Pebbles is an animated feature film project by Caroline Cherrier. 

It is currently being written at Groupe Ouest (Annual Selection residency).

Graphic design is in progress.


Author, scripts, graphic design, director : Caroline Cherrier



Format : feature

Target : 6-8 y.o. / Family