desnos collection


the 13 films

Blotting paper // Marine Laclotte

How to forget the sweetness and pleasures from childhood. Story of a life through the eyes of a woman who seize the moment, with the innocence of a girl until her last breath of joy.


Reclining // Debora Cheyenne Cruchon 

During a hide and seek with friends, Alisea is caught by surprise by the beauty of the landscape around.

The Bengale salsify // Raphaëlle Stolz

Bad as a scab and stupid as a serin, the Bengal salsify terrorises his palace. Closely, all he eats does not make him happy: if he sleeps he would badly sleep, if he awakes he would live not much.


I have dreamt of you so much // Emma Vakarelova

"I have dreamt of you so much that you loose your reality..." A film about the Horizon and his impossible love. 


Paris // Justine Vuylsteker 

A man walks among the streets of Paris. Around him, the city is waking up.



Half-dream // Gabrielle Sibieude 

The little girl is afraid of the darkness. It is time to go to bed and she is not sure of her new night-light. And yet ! Tomorrow morning, she will grow up.


The Zebra // Viviane Boyer Araujo 

Once upon a time a foal in a big forest whose shadows make stripes on him. Looking for his mother, he is about to meet freedom.


In a small boat //Charlotte Cambon

In a small boat, a small woman. A small seaman, hold the small paddles. They are going on a trip, on a peaceful stream…


A frog with pierced shoes // Juliette Cuisinier

A frog with pierced shoes plays music in the woods. She ask for charity from the audience. What will happen?


The four neckless // Alix Fizet

Maybe the four neck-less does not have a good head on their shoulders but they know how to cook! These fine gourmets like to share banquet. Front of these head chef, their guest will keep a cool head.


The sun of Bagnolet street // Quentin Guichoux

A sad man lives his life in shadow. Until he meets the sun of Bagnolet street who is not like the others.    


Good evening everyone // Kathleen Ponsard

Night takes Jane through an imaginary trip which will expose her to her hopes and fears.   


Once upon a leaf // Anaïs Scheeck-Lauriot

Between the immensely small and the immensely big, once upon a leaf with its lines. Once upon a branch at the leaf's end... And at the branch's end?