desnos' collection


The whole Desnos' collection with English subtitles is accessible on Vimeo by clicking on the links. Password is always desnosadm




Blotting paper (video)

Marine Laclotte


How to forget the sweetness and pleasures from childhood. Story of a life through the eyes of a woman who seize the moment, with the innocence of a girl until her last breath of joy.


Reclining (video)

Debora Cheyenne Cruchon 


During a hide and seek with friends, Alisea is caught by surprise by the beauty of the landscape around. Lying down, she invites us to contemplate the scenery through her eyes, her feelings and dreams.


The Bengale salsify (video)

Raphaëlle Stolz


Bad as a scab and stupid as a serin, the Bengal salsify terrorises his palace. Closely, all he eats does not make him happy: if he sleeps he would badly sleep, if he awakes he would live not much.



JI have dreamt of you so much (video)

Emma Vakarelova


"I have dreamt of you so much that you loose your reality..." A film about the Horizon and his impossible love.  



Paris (video)

Justine Vuylsteker  


A man walks among the streets of Paris. Around him, the city is waking up.



Half-dream (video)

Gabrielle Sibieude  


The little girl is afraid of the darkness. It is time to go to bed and she is not sure of her new night-light. And yet ! Tomorrow morning, she will grow up.


The Zebra (video)

Viviane Boyer Araujo 


Once upon a time a foal in a big forest whose shadows make stripes on him. Looking for his mother, he is about to meet freedom.




In a small boat (video)

Charlotte Cambon 


In a small boat, a small woman. A small seaman, hold the small paddles. They are going on a trip, on a peaceful stream…



A frog with pierced shoes (video)

Juliette Cuisinier


A frog with pierced shoes plays music in the woods. She ask for charity from the audience. What will happen?



The four neckless (video)

Alix Fizet 


Maybe the four neck-less does not have a good head on their shoulders but they know how to cook! These fine gourmets like to share banquet. Front of these head chef, their guest will keep a cool head.


The sun of Bagnolet street (video)

Quentin Guichoux


A sad man lives his life in shadow. Until he meets the sun of Bagnolet street who is not like the others.    


Good evening everyone (video)

Kathleen Ponsard 


Night takes Jane through an imaginary trip which will expose her to her hopes and fears.    



Once upon a leaf (video)

Anaïs Scheeck-Lauriot 


Between the immensely small and the immensely big, once upon a leaf with its lines. Once upon a branch at the leaf's end... And at the branch's end?