frIENDSHIP collection


the 13 films

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You are // Mohammad Babakoohi

Two pebbles meet in an unreal landscape and form a moving friendship. They walk together until they become one.


A friendship // Arthur Catteau

Après de longues années d'absence, une femme déclare son amitié à son bateau. Leurs retrouvailles donnent vie aux sensations du passé.

Shelter // Julie Daravan Chea

En colonie de vacances, deux amies sont surprises par l'orage. Pour vaincre leur peur, elles inventent un univers avec leurs mains.


My dog friend // Violeta Cortes

One night, a dog visits the grave of his beloved master. During a macabre dance under the stars, he brings him back to him.


Tomorrow is Sunday // Alienor Doublet

A lonely child meets his imaginary friend. With him, anything is possible.


To Alfred Tattet // Léa Dutter

A disenchanted magician finds joy in life thanks to his oldest friend, a wacky and tireless pigeon. Together they celebrate friendship.

The chosen friend // Florian Genthial

In this operetta, two children who witness an argument discover that friendship is a refuge to overcome their fears.


Christmas tree // Thibault Llonch

Two trees separated by a whole world make friends through their roots!

Gamma friend // Katya Mikheeva

Is a shepherdess of stars a friend of her stars? A journey to the heart of the relationship with oneself and with others.

The world // Baptiste Ratajski

A little boy, accompanied by a chickadee, explores a great mystery: the friendship of the world.

Bouquet // Cécile Robineau

Sometimes friendship is born from a bouquet of flowers... and from the encounter between childhood and old age.

He was a good friend // Charlotte Saunders

An old school photo, memories and the journey of a man looking for a lost friend...

Friendship // Léon Verde

Holidays, summer heat, boredom. And suddenly, a voice is heard, like the promise of a friendship.