the story

Toby is thirteen years old, one and a half millimeter tall and lives in the Tree with his parents.

But today he must get away, alone.


The awful Joe Mitch has launched a massive manhunt against him. He wants to find a technological invention that could allow him to become all-powerful, and would put the Tree’s life in danger.


Chased by his own people, Toby runs away to the Low-Branches and join Elisha, the girl he loves more than anything. But his journey takes him far beyond the Tree, in the Meadow where the Grass People live, dreaded and hated by Toby’s people.


And yet he becomes one of them, and be born again. He can therefore go back to save his loved ones, his people and the Tree itself.

technical datas

TITLE: Toby Lolness


TARGET AUDIENCE:  6-12 y.o. / Family

GENRE:  humanist adventure

FORMAT: 13 x 52’

AUTHOR: Timothée de Fombelle

SCRIPTS and BIBLE: Anne-Claire Lehembre, Marie de Banville, Nicolas Verpilleux

STATUS: development


Development agreement with France Televisions 


The following material will be available in winter 2022 :

  • Full visual development by visual artist Kerascoët
  • Scripts for 3 episodes
  • Animatic of first 52’ episode directed by Camille-Elvis Thery
  • Animation test


the book


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