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the 13 films

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Grotesques // Anna Bolshakova 

Those who choose a different path know it best : when a hundred eyes stare at you, look for the ones that shine.

Conquistador // Jérémie Cousin

A tooth to lose, a coin to give : that is the tooth fairy’s motto. Brave, she will come hell or high water to fulfill her mission.

Le piano que baise une main frêle // Clarissa d'Orival

Memory fades, the past gets foggy. An old man and his piano revive the memory of his loved one.


Mon rêve familier // Astrid Guinet

« I often have this dream, strange and penetrating… » A young woman summons the memory of the one that loved her and whom she loved.


Après trois ans // Nina Heckel

A house, a garden, a pond, a young woman comes back to her childhood house and revive her memories.


Ô triste, triste était mon âme //  Raphaël Jouzeau

Haunted by the frozen smile of the woman he loved, an aviator is ready to crash..


Marine // Maksim Litvinov

The thunder : roars ! The storm : breaks out ! The lightning : strikes ! The sea throbs and embarks us on her salty saga.


Chanson d'automne // Jean-Baptiste Marchand

We have not forgotten : dead leaves are picked up by the shovel. But the leaf blower, ignoring melancholy, takes flight.

Soleils couchants // Aurélie Monteix

You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might just find, you get what you need.

Cordialités // Nathanaël Perron

He stretches, he squirms, he sucks you in with his wretched mouth : the Parisian metro. If the crowd is a zombie and you’re riding against traffic, enter the resistance.

Promenade sentimentale // Emilie Tronche

At dusk, a quite curious assembly observe with consideration an amphibian dancer’s choreographed languor.

Il pleure dans mon coeur // Ariane Teillet

The mouse repeats to herself : to hell with feeling blue, I’ll keep smiling. What to do though when you can’t help but being downhearted ?


Voulant te fuir // Valentine Vendroux

Don’t be mad if I leave, don’t leave if I’m mad : when a disagreement turns into a domestic dispute, one might lose one’s head…