éluard collection


the 13 films

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The alliance // Eugène Boitsov

A man is looking for two trees to hang his hammock… But his quest will be more arduous than expected.   

Liberty // Jon Boutin

“And for the want of a word, I renew my life, For I was born to know you, To name you. Liberty.”


Useful man // Amaury Brun

A man is working – exhausted – his body bruised . The relief will come very surprisingly. 


Matines // Axel de Laforest

A white goose, locked up since ever, discovers freedom. Like a second birth.    



Lively air // Pierre Grillère

The absence of the other one, the empty space, the memories sometimes painful. A parable on the path of love.


The cat // Johanna Huck

A man, a cat. Which one will tame the other ?    


The lover // Léa Krawczyk

A man evokes the woman he loves. Red in all its forms, vibrating with sweetness and fragility.    

Even when we sleep // Camille Monnier

The warm and knowing daily life of an old woman and her cat. 


At the window // Clélia Nguyen

A poem on the expectation of the other that leads to self-doubt.     


Animal laughing // Aurore Peuffier

A lesson of friendship and goodwill in music and colors. 



You rise and water unfolds // Robin Vouters

An ode to women in sensations and in dreams.    



Fish // Arthur Sotto

A geometric and poetic evocation of water in all its forms.



The curve of your eyes goes around my heart // Nicolas Rolland

The first love of a little boy during summer camp.