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The alliance (video

Eugène Boitsov 


A man is looking for two trees to hang his hammock… But his quest will be more arduous than expected.    



Liberty (video

Jon Boutin


“And for the want of a word, I renew my life, For I was born to know you, To name you. Liberty.”




Useful man (video

Amaury Brun


A man is working – exhausted – his body bruised . The relief will come very surprisingly.    





Matines (video

Axel de Laforest


A white goose, locked up since ever, discovers freedom. Like a second birth.    




Lively air (video

Pierre Grillère


The absence of the other one, the empty space, the memories sometimes painful. A parable on the path of love.



The cat (video

Johanna Huck


A man, a cat. Which one will tame the other ?    





The lover (video

Léa Krawczyk


A man evokes the woman he loves. Red in all its forms, vibrating with sweetness and fragility.    


Even when we sleep (video

Camille Monnier


The warm and knowing daily life of an old woman and her cat.    



At the window (video

Clélia Nguyen


A poem on the expectation of the other that leads to self-doubt.     



Animal laughing (video

Aurore Peuffier


A lesson of friendship and goodwill in music and colors. 




You rise and water unfolds (video

Robin Vouters


An ode to women in sensations and in dreams.    





Fish (video

Arthur Sotto


A geometric and poetic evocation of water in all its forms.




The curve of your eyes goes around my heart (video

Nicolas Rolland


The first love of a little boy during summer camp.