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Discreet water // Etienne Baillieu

A boy follows his older brother on a morning expedition.    



The uncertain bestiary // Inès Bernard-Espina 

If we are not careful, imaginary animals may eventually disappear ...    



The clever bird // Gaëtan Borde

A hunter who can hunt wants to fricassee a smart bird… 


Birdbrain starlings // Melody Boulissière

Starlings are often airhead... but in the sky, everything is different !    



Model portrait // Cynthia Calvi

A young boy grows up, makes choices and his mirror returns his identity which asserts itself.    


The silence listener // Clémentine Campos

The huge ears of the Silence Listener allow him to hear the voices of wind, rain and birds ...


An instant // Roxane Campoy

A young woman relives a moment of the past with her father and decides to change something in the relationship to her daughter.

The lost garden // Natalia Chernysheva

Where goes a garden that has nowhere to go? An evocation of wandering and exile.    

The scatterbrained child // Aude David

If we let the children dream, they escape! Fortunately, the iron fist of authority restrains them ...    


The master mariner snail // Adeline Faye

The punishment of sceptics is that they deprive themselves of pleasure due to their critical minds from enjoying stories.”…


Hold the line // Kévin Gachet-Thaï

An old man calls himself over the phone ... and revisits his life.    



The key to the fields // Lucas Malbrun

Who lost the key to the fields? She is to anyone and everywhere ... The key to everything.


The closed window // Jean-Baptiste Peltier

The closed window looks at the world and we discover it through its glass.