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Beautiful families // Armelle Renac

We assist to a comic parade of all the kings of France named Louis.



Writing page // Marion Lacourt

A lyrebird visits a day-dreaming student. They are going to create joyfull chaos in the class!

Fresh out of school // Lila Peuscet

This Jacques Prévert's poem conjours images of surrealist landscapes and adventures that take the students on an imaginary journey out of school.


A dunce // Chenghua Yang

A little dive inside of a dunce...


Almost // Mélia Gilson

A little girl becomes a woman and is confronted with the reality of happiness and misfortune.


I am like I am // Marion Auvin

A woman speaks to us about herself and seduction, to accept us as we are. She embodies the beauty of all women. 


The lighthouse keeper who loved birds too much // Clément de Ruyter

This Jacques Prévert's poem evokes the misfortune of a man who likes birds too much, whenever the lighthouse is lit, or unlit.

The Beaux-Arts' school // Anne Huynh

A father passes on to his children the magic and delight of imagination. A memory which will remain engraved in their memories as they grow older.

So many forests // Burcu Sankur & Geoffrey Godet

In this poem, Jacques Prévert critisizes the destruction of forests to make paper pulp, paper which serves to notify people on the dangers of deforestation...

"Crystal price for a TV production" at Annecy's festival in 2014.


Sleeping dunkey // Caroline Lefèvre

A little boy wearing a dunce's hat identifies with the dunkey that magically helps him with his homework.   


Disappointed dromedary //Morgane Le Péchon 

A young dromedary attends its first conference. Its happiness is going to turn into deep disappointment.


Birds of worries // Marie Larrivé & Camille Authouart

In this Jacques Prévert's poem, the character tries to make the mourning of her beloved.

Free time // Marine Blin

In this poem of Jacques Prévert, Jean-Armand challenges the authority of his commander by leaving his kepi in the cage and by going out with the bird on his head...

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