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the 13 films

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Trails of the morning // Masa Avramovic

Here comes a little girl who’s more of a morning person than Morning itself… and offers us a tender and touching portrait of friendship.

Destination: Tree // Marie Deboissy

The city’s racket, its choking and unnerving grip, then suddenly : a tree. A young woman embarks on a sensitive and sensual journey, an ode to nature and its cycles.

Who is left standing? // Jaimeene Desai

What a fuss we make about our place in the world ! What time we spend and waste searching for it, finding it, staying in it. Let’s have a good laugh at our foolish tizzy : after all, aren’t we all vulgar puppets ?

The Girls of the wind // Héloïse Ferlay

Searching for independence, a young girl receives an unexpected visit from the Daughters of wind. They give her hope and momentum to grow. A new day is dawning

The Laugh // Capucine Gougelet

What if Laugh itself, laughingly, left mankind ? Picture for a moment a world without color or spark… right before you burst into laughter !

Tinkering // Salomé Hammann

Oh, how chance and love must meet so a child can be born. Future parents picture this grand handiwork.

Hungry // Raphaëlle Martinez

A starved schoolteacher tells off gluttonous children at the cafeteria. Until… she surrenders to some dynamite mayo-shrimp.

The seagulls // Lara Mattelart

A pond, some seagulls, a Grandpa’s love giving wings. A young woman remembers a sweet childhood memory.

Vitality // Emilie Mereghetti

Protected but cramped, a young woman wishes to blossom. When she lets the outside music and light in her cocoon, she will slowly deploy her joie de vivre and freedom.

No Key to poetry // Islena Neira

Facing writer’s block, a young and resourceful girl summons the powers of a chicken-pencil. Together, they embark upon a colored trip, destination : imagination.

This place // Daniella Schnitzer

Estranged from her land and house, a young woman faces exile and tries to recreate a place she could name home.

Looking at the childhood // Camille Scudier

And old man is visited by the young boy he once was. Past and present are reunited for an instant.

Intervals // Mitchelle Tamariz

Pâtissière parmi les pâtissiers, notre héroïne se doit d’être rigoureuse et précise. Un imprévu la rappelle pourtant au plaisir simple du gâteau fait par soi et pour soi… De quoi finir la tête dans les étoiles.